TUFTS swimming lessons

Registration for the Fall sessions will open on Tuesday, August 6 at 10:00AM

Stay Safe.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are offered at Tufts University’s Hamilton Pool as a fund raiser for the Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving teams winter break training trip. Instructors are members of the  Tufts Swimming and Diving team.  We offer two sessions per college academic year—early fall and early spring.  No refunds will be issued unless the space can be filled and notification given in a timely manner.


You will not receive a reminder that lessons are beginning, so please be sure to mark in your calendar after you receive your email registration confirmation.

We operate under Tufts University Academic Calendar and will have lessons scheduled even if they fall on otherwise recognized holidays (ie: Patriot Day, Columbus Day, Religious Holiday, etc..) and well as public and private school vacations.

There is no required equipment other than full coverage bathing suits, although goggles are highly encouraged for all levels, but especially for those in levels 3-5. We do try and carry some goggle available for purchase at the pool office - please ask a pool manager if interested.

Sleeved shirts/bathing suits are NOT recommended for learn to swim lessons unless wearing them for religious or personal reasons. Designed to be sun protectors, they limit mobility and add extra weight, making it more difficult to swim/tread/float. Also, please remember that LONG HAIR SHOULD BE TIED BACK and SICK children should be left home!


SESSIONS #1-2 ~ $ 150.00 (5 sessions)

SESSIONS #3-4 ~ $ 180.00 (6 sessions)

SESSIONS #5-9 ~ $ 120.00 (4 sessions)

Plus a 6% Service Charge added to your registration fee


Tufts University Hamilton Pool

161 College Avenue, Medford, MA, between Boston Ave and George St.

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All swim lesson participants must enter the building through the Main Bldg entrance. You may use the locker rooms on the ground floor of the building. **Girls are to use the women's locker room; boys are to use the men's locker room. The bathrooms at the front of the Indoor Track/Gantcher Center are available for family use, as well as the unisex bathroom on the ground floor of the Tisch Athletic Center.


Children age 4 - 14

  • Please note that all children must be fully potty trained - we do not allow participants in swim diapers.


No parents or guardians are allowed on the pool deck. It is an easier and safer teaching environment if parents are not on the deck. There is a balcony and a viewing area at the end of the pool.


Swimmers will be placed in the levels they are registered for and then adjustments will be made as needed. Swimmers will be placed together who are at the same swimming/developmental level, not necessarily the same chronological age. If you are unsure of your child's skill level, it is best to start in a lower level and then move up, so be conservative in level selection. If you do not enter a level, swimmers will be placed in level 1.

Class sizes range from 1:1 or 2:1 for the beginners, while more advanced levels may be 3:1 or 4:1. (*Please note: during the summer sessions May/June/July all class sizes are slightly higher 3:1 or 4:1.)

  • Level 1: "Water Acclimation" - The focus is getting comfortable in and around the pool. Swimmers will learn to hold the breath and put the face under the water, basic water safety practices, and getting ready to swimming movements.
  • Level 2: "Water Exploration" - The focus is on buoyance, balance, and breathing. Swimmers will learn to float, roll from front to back and vice versa, kicking with a board, and doggy paddle type hand movements.
  • Level 3: "Water Adventures" - The focus is on combining kicking and scooping motions to create movement. Swimmers will learn to tread water, and kick and swim unassisted on the front and back.
  • Level 4: "Water Confidence" - The focus is on swimming movements. Swimmers will learn basic freestyle and backstroke technique, kneeling dives, linking 2-3 skills together.
  • Level 5: "Water Mastery" - The focus is on "pre-swim team" skills. Swimmers will learn basic breaststroke and butterfly technique, standing dives, and turns.


Due to the nature of our small teacher to student ratio, make-up sessions are not offered.


A QR code for the University’s Cousens parking lot (located across from the Athletic Complex) will be posted in the pool lobby and viewing areas. When you arrive to the pool, just use the camera app on your phone to scan the code, then a link will pop up. Click on the link and fill in your vehicle information. This needs to be done EVERY time you come to the pool.

MINORS (anyone under 18 years old) ON CAMPUS:

Minors are allowed on campus if they are: attending classes, Tufts-sponsored live performances, or athletic events; at the Elliot Pearson School; patients at the dental clinics; on campus for admissions tours and athletics recruiting; or on campus to participate in human subject research. Minors may be allowed to work in research labs on a case-by-case basis. All minors on campus must be vaccinated if they are eligible.


Contact us at: tuftslessons@gmail.com

Each Participant Needs to Be Registered and Paid For Separately and Needs a Unique Account.

Session 9a: Saturday 9:00-9:30am

July 6,13,20,27

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 9b: Saturday 9:40-10:10am

July 6,13,20,27

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 9c: Saturday 10:20-10:50am

July 6,13,20,27

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 9d: Saturday 11:00-11:30am

July 6,13,20,27

Spaces Remaining = 20

Session 7a: Mon - Thu 4:00-4:30pm

July 15,16,17,18

Spaces Remaining = 1

Session 7b: Mon - Thu 4:40-5:10pm

July 15,16,17,18

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 7c: Mon - Thu 5:20-5:50pm

July 15,16,17,18

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 7d: Mon - Thu 6:00-6:30pm

July 15,16,17,18

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 8a: Mon - Thu 4:00-4:30pm

July 22,23,24,25

Spaces Remaining = 4

Session 8b: Mon - Thu 4:40-5:10pm

July 22,23,24,25

Spaces Remaining = 0

Session 8c: Mon - Thu 5:20-5:50pm

July 22,23,24,25

Spaces Remaining = 5

Session 8d: Mon - Thu 6:00-6:30pm

July 22,23,24,25

Spaces Remaining = 4

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